Shop Healthy, Live Healthy

Health. Being healthy sometimes may seem a chore. But it is a chore that will benefit you for life. Think about it, we may have to put effort into being “healthy”, but isn’t the value of our health priceless? Being in good health is such a blessing. However, a lot of times we don’t appreciate our health until it is taken away from us. One of the secrets to good health is to shop healthy. I am going to share with you 7 tips of shopping healthy. 

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Movement is Life

Go exercise. Maybe your doctor, doctor, friends, family, or coworker has told you this before. We have heard it over and over again. We know it’s good for us. But why? According to the American Heart Association regular physical activity helps lower blood pressure, decrease LDL bad cholesterol, improves blood sugar, reduce feelings of stress, control body weight, improve quality of sleep, improves memory and reduce the risk of dementia and depression, and makes you feel good about yourself. So basically exercising is so good for you for so many reasons. We know that exercise should be valued and a commitment in our lives, however, do we treat it this way? I am sure we all try too, but we may fall short. How do we implement exercise into our lives? 

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