Health. Being healthy sometimes may seem a chore. But it is a chore that will benefit you for life. Think about it, we may have to put effort into being “healthy”, but isn’t the value of our health priceless? Being in good health is such a blessing. However, a lot of times we don’t appreciate our health until it is taken away from us. One of the secrets to good health is to shop healthy. I am going to share with you 7 tips of shopping healthy. 

Tip #1. Stay on the outside perimeter of the store & shop with a plan. By staying on the outside perimeter of the store you avoid going down any of the junk food isles. Second is to shop with a plan! Have a grocery list with you. This way you aren’t having to decide what you need vs what you don't need. Shop with intention. Shopping can be exhausting, anyone else agree? One of the ways you can avoid exhaustion is by daily supplementation of our Ultra Amino Energy Supplement. This supplement is phenomenal for energy!! It provides steady energy throughout the day with NO crash. It is also beneficial to the cardiovascular system, being that it is packed with amino acids and B vitamins. #winning. So bottom line, shop with a plan, stay primarily on the perimeter of the store, and only go down isles when needed. 

Tip #2. Don’t shop hungry! Anyone else go to Costco on an empty stomach and walk out with a cart full of foods you had no anticipation of buying? Me too! Shopping while hungry can definitely skew your shopping your list. When you’re hungry or even over hungry, all mindfulness goes out the window. You want food and you want it now. If you’re like me you end up buying junk and opening a bag of chips on the way home and eating way more than a portion size. Shopping while satisfied/not hungry can most certainly help you stay mindful while shopping and help you adhere to your grocery list. 

Tip #3. Plan to shop for a good dinner so you can have an awesome lunch. Here’s any easy way to make sure that you are going have a good lunch. Make extra at dinner so that you have left overs to have at lunch. I have found that mornings for a lot of people are crazy. Between trying to get ready, dealing with kids, and last-minute things who has time to make a lunch. So by planning your dinner, making extra, and making your lunch the night before, can help you eat a balanced lunch. While planning for your lunch the night before, it is important to plan a routine to get all your supplements in. One thought is to buy a supplement container and putting them in your lunch bag the night before. Plan, prepare, and plan some more. Bottom line, plan for a healthy dinner, plan to make left overs, prepare your lunch the night before from dinner, and get your supplements together in with your lunch the night before. 

Tip #4. Get your veggies! Ever gone shopping for vegetables with the intention that you are going to eat them, then get busy or forget about them, and then they go bad. Been there done that. Let’s be honest, we lead very busy lives and sometimes it’s a chore just to make sure we get food into our bodies. Our goal is to get at least 5 servings of non-starchy vegetables in our diet. However, we often may fall short of this. Instead of feeling like a failure, supplement in our Greens product. The Greens products is an excellent way to get in a big leafy salad in a capsule. It is full of prebiotics, fiber, antioxidants, and as an added bonus it’s alkaline. With our diets, environment, and stress in our lives our bodies tend to be on the acidic side. Disease thrives in an acidic state. By supplementing with an alkaline supplement, you are putting your body in an alkaline state helping you fight off disease and thrive! Bottom line, help yourself out and get the greens product so you know you are getting enough alkaline food in your diet. 

Tip #5.  Shop organic when possible. Why is organic so important? Well according to the Mayo Clinic the following practices are not permitted in organic farming: 

  • Synthetic fertilizers to add nutrients to the soil
  • Sewage sludge as fertilizer
  • Most synthetic pesticides for pest control
  • Irradiation to preserve food or to eliminate disease or pests
  • Genetic engineering, used to improve disease or pest resistance or to improve crop yields
  • Antibiotics or growth hormones for livestock

To ensure you are getting an organic product look for the green USDA Organic Seal, this signifies that the product is certified 95% or more organic. Now, even more important these foods known as the dirty dozen are products that are an absolute must to by organic: 

    1. Strawberries 
    2. Spinach
    3. Kale
    4. Nectarines 
    5. Apples
    6. Grapes
    7. Peaches 
    8. Cherries
    9. Pears
    10. Tomatoes 
    11. Celery 
    12. Potatoes 
    13. Hot Peppers 

When shopping for supplements it’s even more important to ensure you are getting organic ingredients. Why? This is a concentrated dose of nutrients meaning you don’t want it to be full of crap. You want a supplement that is PURE, organic ingredients, non-GMO, and made in the USA. Take care of your body! Listen, if you were driving a Bugatti would you fill it up with regular gas or the premium gas? You’d probably fill it with the premium gas because that is what it requires. Just like that Bugatti, our bodies are what we have to live with for the rest of our lives, so don’t you think they deserve to be treated with premium foods, supplements, and beverages? ABSOLUTELY! So when it comes to purchasing supplements make sure the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, pure, and made in the USA. Bottom line, when possible shop organic, and make sure your supplements are PURE! 

Tip #6. Get a daily dose of spices and herbs. Isn’t funny that we are leery to take an herb or a spice as a supplement that has been around for thousands of years, but we will instantaneously take an Advil or prescription medication? What would happen if you supplemented both in pill form and a part of your daily diet different spices and herbs routinely? GOOD THINGS! For example, did you know that Turmeric has both anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties? Yes, this is true. No wonder it’s been used for thousands of years. Try our daily Turmeric supplement.  Now, imagine what your health would be like if you routinely supplemented or added this spice to your regimen? Or what if you shopped and bought fresh organic oregano? Did you know that oregano possesses anti-microbial and antioxidant properties? What would happen to you if you began to use more spices and herbs with proven health benefits? You would be preventing disease and promoting wellness. Bottom line get a daily dose of spices and herbs in your diet. 

Tip #7. Supplement! Tips 1-6 all involved making sure we shop healthy so that we can have plan healthy meals and snacks. Tip #7 is to supplement. A lot of people say that if I eat a wide variety diet, I don’t need to take supplements. Here are a few problems with that statement. First is our soil is getting depleted. This means that we aren’t getting all the nutrients from our plants that we used to get. Second, we are exposed to all kinds of toxins by just breathing. On top of this the way we process our foods isn't the best for our bodies. Our body endures a lot of wear and tear over time. By supplementing certain nutrients, we are really preventing disease and promoting wellness. We are ensuring that our bodies are at their best. When it comes it taking supplements, please note that NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE CREATED EQUALLY! Supplements are filled with fillers, non-organic ingredients, SUGAR, artificial colorings and dyes, and a whole bunch of junk. Okay so who do we want in our supplement? 

  1. ORGANIC!! Make sure your supplements ingredients say organic before the ingredients. 
  2. Capsule form! The hard-compact pills are very hard for your body to break down... meaning you’re paying for expensive poop. 
  3. Non-GMO – again our bodies are precious so give them the premium quality supplements. 
  4. Made in the USA. We have strict guidelines here in the US to ensure quality and pure ingredients. 
  5. Make sure there is evidence-based research to back all claims the supplement is trying to make. 

Organiccs Absolutely Pure Supplements checks out 5 of 5. All our supplements are made organic ingredients. If you look at the ingredients list, we ensure that each ingredient has organic in front of it. All our supplements are in capsule form. They are all created to have ultimate absorption, so that your body actually uses them. Our products are created in a factory in California. Finally, we have tons of articles and evidence-based research on each product. Bottom line- do your homework when it comes to supplements. Make sure you are getting quality supplements and you’re not just taking them because it’s a fad.  

Here you have it 7 steps to shopping healthy, eating healthy, and living well! Organiccs is a wellness supplement company. We strive to prevent disease and promote wellness. Currently we have 5 products: Turmeric, Chelated Minerals, Ultra Amino Energy, Type One Collagen, and Greens. Coming soon we will have a Balanced Colon Supplement! We appreciate you and want to help you achieve wellness. If you are interested in Health and Wellness Coaching through Organiccs contact us at [email protected] 

Thank you for reading! Have a healthy and happy day! 

Nicole Herrera

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